Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mastery of Design: The Templier Bar Brooch, 1930

Raymond Templier, 1930
The Victoria & Albert Museum

The Parisian jeweler Raymond Templier (1891-1968) was one of an elite group of Art Deco designers who helped proliferate a geometric style that looked towards Cubism and eventually defined the look of the era. In 1930 , Templier remarked in the “Goldsmiths' Journal,” “As I walk in the streets I see ideas for jewellery everywhere, the wheels, the cars, the machinery of today.” This inspiration is obvious in his work which relies on strong, simple forms. 

This brooch, dating to 1930, of white gold by Templier boasts a bar of brilliant-cut diamonds in the center and a diagonal line of three, domed discs of coral encircled by two curved sections of black onyx. It is wholly demonstrative of the style which dominated Templier’s work. 

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