Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goal for the Day: Clean Your Jewelry

Most of us have a particular piece of jewelry that we wear on a regular basis, if not every day. After time, diamonds and precious stones seem to lose their luster due to the natural oils they collect on their surface from our skin. To keep your jewelry looking its best, proper cleaning is essential.

When cleaning your jewelry, you don’t necessarily have to use commercial jewelry cleaner. Sometimes running some cool water gently over the piece and carefully wiping it with a soft cloth with suffice. You can also incorporate some diluted sudsy ammonia into your cleaning routine. Be careful not to put opals, pearls or other porous materials into a chemical cleaner or ammonia as that will cause the stone to dry out and crack. When cleaning diamonds, make sure not to put them in close proximity to other stones (even diamonds) as the diamonds can scratch the stones near them. While cleaning your jewelry, make sure to check the prongs and settings for any loose stones.

Today, take a look at the jewelry you wear regularly. If it’s looking a little dull, take just a few minutes to give it a quick polish. Your stones will look brand new. And, don’t we all feel a little better when we’ve got some sparkle to us?

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