Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coming this Week at "Stalking the Belle Époque"

Now, that we’re firmly into October, starting this week, Stalking the Belle Époque will feature a classic film suitable for Halloween viewing. Our first film will be the terrifically entertaining Tallulah Bankhead “Grand Dame Guignol” classic, Die! Die, My Darling. We’ll also take a peek at the fascinating Miss Bankhead and explore her influence on our culture. In less gruesome pursuits (the film, not Tallulah), we’ll continue our exploration of the most beautiful locations in the world with a visit to The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville Tennessee.

As always, we’ll be featuring fine and interesting antiques and art from my own collection and from museums across the globe. Glittering gems, gorgeous paintings, sinuous sculpture, flickering images, puzzling photography and precious pets await you this week as well. Of course, Punch’s Cousin will continue with Chapter 61 as Mr. Punch must decide if it is he or Julian who can best help his ailing “chum.”

All of you who are reading have already made a huge difference in our worldwide community. I’ve been so heartened by the messages I’ve received from people who have begun to look at their world through new eyes—finding the gems amongst the rubble. Thank you for making this such a great experience.

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