Sunday, October 3, 2010

Object of the Day: A Pair of Pressed Glass Candleholders

The technique of “Pressed Glass” rose in popularity in the early 1800’s. It has remained a valued method of replicating the look of cut-glass in mass production. Designers of the 1920’s and 1930’s were especially adept in creating pressed glass pieces—drawing upon elements and influences of their Victorian Counterparts.

This pair of pressed glass candleholders dates to the late 1920’s. Most likely American in production, these shimmering pieces reflect popular Art Deco influences while retaining some of the flare of late Victorian and early Edwardian design sensibilities such as “saw-tooth” detailing and faceting. Candleholders such as these would have found their way into a variety of uses—gracing tables, mantles, or even pianos. They speak of romance—the desire for the glow of candles in a world blazingly lit by electric light. Most assuredly, these items saw much joy, and perhaps, a little sorrow.

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