Monday, October 4, 2010

Person of the Week: Louis Van Amstel

If art can be explained as a representation of emotions and ideas, then dance is among the most effective of the arts. Dance is fleeting and temporary. Unlike the permanence of the visual arts, the beauty of dance is a mere glimmer in time. No two performances can ever be identical. For this reason, viewing the art of dance is a very special experience.

Professional dancer and teacher Louis Van Amstel is a true artist. Best known for his work on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, Van Amstel is also a celebrated choreographer with an Emmy Award win to his credit. Originally from Amsterdam, Van Amstel began competing at an early age. His talent and the emotional quality of his performances quickly made him a world champion.

Today, though not competing, Van Amstel continues to teach--espousing the health benefits of dance and sharing his art through instructional videos. Louis Van Amstel brings beauty, joy and strength to our world.

Take a look at this clip of Louis at work on last season's Dancing with the Stars with comedienne Niecy Nash.

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