Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painting of the Day: A Miniature of Queen Victoria, 1899

Miniature of Queen Victoria, 1899
Gold, Diamonds, Ivory
The Royal Collection

Miniature paintings were the “wallet size” photos of their day. Usually painted on ivory, and often set into a gold frame or piece of jewelry, miniatures were not only for display in the home, but also meant to be kept on a person as a reminder of someone important. Queen Victoria was often the subject of miniature paintings both for her family and for the British public. Near the end of her life, a series of miniatures featuring the likeness of Victoria were produced by several artists.

This attractive miniature by an unknown artist was one of several created for Queen Victoria’s children. The image has been painstakingly painted on a ivory backing and set in a gold frame which has been mounted with diamonds. This is one of two such miniatures which still exist. Both of them are housed in The Royal Collection.  The other is set as a tie-pin.

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