Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fun: Count Them, Mr. Punch

Professor Whatsit's Shop

At some point in every Punch & Judy Show, Mr. Punch pauses to chat with the Constable who has, invariably, noticed that Punch has murdered a few people. As the Constable counts the number of bodies in the rather large pile of Punch’s victims, Punch—with a swift whack on the head—adds the copper to the pile.

Soon, however, Punch realizes that the pile is not quite as dead as he thought. He finds himself taunted by one body in particular—Joey, the Clown. And, so, as the children in the audience encourage Punch to kill again (which is my favorite part of this), he attempts to put Joey in his place once and for all.

This video comes to us compliments of “
Professor Whatsit,” also known by his real name, Chris van der Craats of Melbourne. 

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