Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: The Mermaid Ewer, 16th Century

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Made between 1550 and 1600, this ewer would have been used to pour and carry water, and, so that it would be both decorative and functional, it has been given a fitting nautical visual theme. Cast in the form of a mermaid, the ewer boasts an elaborate design which suggests that it was a commission from a wealthy patron.

For two centuries before this was commissioned, medieval craftsmen in Flanders (Belgium) were known for their brass castings of fanciful creatures. This ewer keeps that tradition alive.

Fox Broadcasting
I thought we would devote today's posts to the work of Flemish artists.  Though I always make a joke of the Flanderseses because of my love of The Simpsons, and their chipper neighborino Nedward Flanders, just know I have a deep affection for the works of the people of this historical region.  So, when I say, "Stupid Flanders," and I'm bound to, that's all I mean.

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