Monday, April 8, 2013

Mastery of Design: The Dagmar Necklace, 1863

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The Dagmar Necklace, 1863
Crown Copyright
The Royal Collection
Images Courtesy of Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II
Intricate strands of pearls meet at diamond florets which connect to diamond-lined, golden volutes. Two graduated diamond swags join the central floret and frame luscious, dangling baroque pearls. A replica of the Twelfth Century Dagmar Cross hangs proudly from the center—a symbol of the power of Denmark. Overall, 118 pearls and over two thousand diamonds grace this gold and enamel masterpiece.

This necklace was created in 1863 and was given as a gift by King Frederick of Denmark to Princess Alexandra to commemorate her wedding to the Prince of Wales (who would later become Kind Edward VII). This remarkable design was one of Queen Alexandra’s most cherished pieces of jewelry. Today, it is on display in the Royal Collection.

Click image for detail.

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