Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will Continue on Monday

Last week, the drama continued at No. 65 Belgrave Square.  While Mr. Punch rested in the library of his opulent home, his sister and Gamilla had gone to a dressmaker to have the wedding gown that Fern ruined replaced with a new one.  The shopping trip gave Lennie and Gamilla a chance to bond and the two shared stories about their past.

The walk home was halted when Lennie and Gamilla spotted Ulrika Rittenhouse, holding Marduk and Giovanni Ianstosca in front of Hamish House.  Wishing to avoid the dangerous trio, Lennie and Gamilla decided to go around through the mews, but they were stopped by the Baron Lensdown, newly returned to London.  

The baron mocked Gamilla and Lennie and Lennie had had enough.  She told the baron that Orpha was his sister and they the product of their incestuous union was an infant with two heads.  The baron accused Lennie of Slander and when Lennie challenged him to go look at the baby, he became incensed and grabbed Gamilla's arm, threatening to kill her if Lennie said any more.

Lennie, fed up with being bullied, struck the baron, knocking him to the ground.  A crowd formed and a gentleman asked if he could escort Lennie and Gamilla home.  The man, the Earl of Cleaversworth, seemed taken with Lennie and tried to protect her as they passed Ulrika and Giovanni.  Lennie, however, paused to inform Ulrika that the baron was back in London.  Ulrika sent Giovanni to fetch him so that father and two-headed child could be introduced.

After the Earl asked Lennie if he could call again, Lennie went inside while Gamilla hurried to Gerry.  Ulrika had informed them that Gerard had cut off Orpha's hand and Gamilla wanted to make sure her husband-to-be was unharmed.

Lennie went in search of her brother and Robert and found Punch under the library table... unconscious!

This week, you'll be treated to some more surprises as we find out what has happened to Punch and why.  Furthermore, we'll get to have a closer look at Ulrika's wacky world and the reunion of father and son.  You won't want to miss a chapter.  However, if you do, you can catch up in the Chapter Archive.

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