Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Punch's Cousin, Chapter 426

"Take you with us?" Punch laughed at Odo.

"Whatever would make you think that We would take you with us to England?". Robert scoffed.

"Like I done said, I done you a service.  I brought that baby to you instead of to my master, Mr. Cage.  I done that even though the law and my master both told me that the baby belongs with mr. And Mrs. Cage.  See, I broke the law for ya and I done it cuz I think you're right that the baby should be with his kin.   You owe me for my loyalty."

"Loyalty?  You took the child from the woman to whom we entrusted him.  You stole him."

"No, sir.  I rescued him.  When I saw that Mama Routhe with Marie Laveau, I took him to save him from her wickedness."

"I don't believe you.  For all i know, you're thick with that voodoo woman yourself, you are,  this is probably one of her tricks and you, you ugly man --are just another one of her goons."

"I broke the law for you!  I'm gonna get myself killed for ya!  Don't matter who gets me first--the law or Mr. Cage--it don't matter.  I'm gonna get killed for what I done here.  Just so you can get your baby.  Now, I helped you.  You gotta help me.  You gotta!"

"And, if we don't?"

"Mama Routhe will die." Odo grinned.

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