Friday, January 6, 2012

Unusual Artifacts: A Magic Lantern Slide of Punch and Toby

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Here’s another Nineteenth Century glass magic lantern slide of Mr. Punch from the set of twelve by Theobald & Co. that’s housed in the V&A.   This one depicts Mr Punch and the Dog Toby, and is number three of twelve.

The following text accompanies the slide during a magic lantern show:

Punch: Toby, Toby! where are you? Rats my boy at them.
Toby: Bow wow wow.
Punch: That’s a good Toby. Got a clean new collar on too, just home from the wash. Good old Toby. Look here what I’ve brought you, a nice nose warmer for the winter. [Punch produces a muzzle.]

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