Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Belle Époque Today: The Art of Vivien Mallock

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother
Vivien Mallock
A member of The Royal Society of British Sculptors since 1998, Vivien Mallock creates amazing works—predominantly in bronze—which range from portrait sculpture to large-scale figures to wildlife sculpture. Her highly-regarded and much-sought-after work is celebrated for the natural sense of movement she conveys by the way she composes her sculptures.

Stand-out pieces from Mallock’s collection of both intimate and grand sculptures include her bust of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother which was the last sculpture for which Her Majesty was to sit. Her largest sculpture thus far is the nine-foot tall memorial to the Royal Tank Regiment which Queen Elizabeth II unveiled in 2000. This monumental work contains five finely sculpted figures.

Royal Tank Regiment Memorial,
Vivien Mallock
This master sculptor has adapted the ideals of classical sculpture into contemporary works of art which seem to tremble with life. To learn more about Vivien Mallock, you can visit her Web site. There, you can view galleries of her work, her portraiture and her public sculptures.

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