Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Her Majesty’s Furniture: Queen Victoria’s Throne and Footstool, 1850

The Royal Collection
This magnificent throne of ivory, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold, ormolu and hardwood was presented as a gift to Queen Victoria after being on display as the centerpiece of the Indian section of the Great Exhibition. Craftsman in Travancore, Southern India, toiled over the chair, making sure that it was the perfect representation of their masterful carving skills. The ivory plaques which cover the throne and footstool represent both English and European scenes. The piece is upholstered in Indian silk velvet.

This was not a throne that Queen Victoria used often—if at all. In fact, it wasn’t really meant to be used, but rather appreciated as a work of art. For this reason, it’s in excellent condition and remains in the Royal Collection so that it can continue to be admired.

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