Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goal for the Day: Get Ready for the Holidays

It always sneaks up on me—the holiday season.  It’s hard to believe that in the U.S., Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Harder still to comprehend is the fact the Christmas and Hanukkah are also close at hand.  Many of you have already begun to decorate your home for the season.  I’m not willing to put the Christmas trees up until after Thanksgiving.  But, this is the perfect time to get ready for your holiday entertaining.  Invariably, our silver needs a good polishing, our crystal could use a cleaning and we need to locate the tablecloths, serving dishes and other sundries we only use once a year.  Today, make a mental inventory of what you’ve got and what might need attention.  The more prepared you are for your celebrations, the easier the preparation will be on the day of the event. 

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