Monday, January 13, 2014

Treat of the Week: Soufflé and Petite Pies

Soufflé was the word of the day this past Sunday, and what a delightful word!  A light, tall, fluffy lovely cheese soufflé--one of my mother's best--greeted Bertie and me as this week's "Treat of the Week."  It was joined by fresh broccolini, crunchy potatoes and onions, a crusty, cheesy, casserole of mushrooms.  Hooray for 2014 thus far!  The soufflé even had two babies.  Aren't they cute?  They look just like their mama.




Afterwards, we tried something new.  For Christmas, my mother had been given a "Personal Pie Maker," which, in essence, makes four wee pies at once.  Of course, my mother made her own pie crust and apple pie filling with raisins, but the little machine did a very nice job.  The results are below.  There are a variety of personal pie makers on the market.  I don't actually recall the brand of "Personal Pie Maker" that this one was, but, if you're in the market for such a thing, I'm sure you can find one to suit your personal pie making needs.


Matt said...

Oh boy, I would love some of that right now.

Beth Ann said...

That takes a lot of skill. Some day I'll get it just right. Practice makes perfect.

April said...

That's the whole reason that eggs exist!

Angelo said...

I'd eat the whole bowl of it all and them some.

Gregg said...

That's the tallest one I've ever seen!!!

Gene said...

These are the things I dream of. I would use the souffle as a pillow. No, no, I would eat it. I have a pillow. I never had I souffle. Maybe at my mother in law's funeral.

Sam P said...

The souffle is as high as an elephant's eye and it looks like it's reachin' clear up to the sky. Oh what a beautiful dinner, oh what a beautiful pie, oh what a beautiful mom you have, I wish that dinner was mine.

How gay am I?

Matt said...

No gayer than many of the rest of us, Sam.

Now I wanna sing.

BROC-o-lini, where the wind goes sweepin' down the plain...

No, that doesn't work as well.

Joseph Crisalli said...

Everything's comin' up souffle
and mini-pies!

Everything's comin' up mushrooms
and hashbrowns for me and for...


Next, you must marry Ernest Borgnine for five minutes.

See, Sam, you're not alone.

Kathy said...

I'll say it again. Your mother is a genius. She needs to have her own cooking show.

Carolyn said...

There's souffle for us.
Somewhere souffle for us.
Cheese and egg whipped with air.
All puffed up, up to there.

There are pies for us.
Personal pies for us.
Private pies for me and you.
Little pies with apples too.

Souffle. Apples.


Everything looks really very delicious. I want to eat at Joseph's mom's house.

April said...

Wait. What's happening? Are we singing? What did I miss? Are we doing Broadway comments today? I want to be gay too.

Ok. From Cats. To "Memory"

All alone in oven.
All alone, growing taller.
Growing fluffier, too.
Hoping no one will slam a door
Or throw a ball.
Like on The Brady Bunch
Or Who's the Boss.

Souffle, Souffle.
You are legend.
Restaurant Menus
warn us.
We must wait for
at least 30 minutes
or order you in

Souffle. You can be
made of cheeses.
You can be made of chocolate.
You can be made of fish.

But, you are always
made of eggs and cream
and stuff like that.

Oh, souffle.

You are French.

End. Scene.

Bonnie said...

All I can think to say is yum! But it really does look very good. I wish I was funny like the rest of you.

Barb said...

Oh Souffle
from Les Not Miserables

Oh Souffle
I taste it, it is yummy.
Oh Souffle
Joseph's mom made you tall
Oh souffle, you fill up my belly
You look nice with mushrooms and broccoli, too.
Oh souffle, you are good.

Book Gurl said...

Wow. Very impressive!

Mom said...

"Thank you very much" from Scrooge the Musical

Thank you very much, thank you very much.
It's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me.

Making up some songs
The lyrics were all strong
Your love of food is really very plain to see

And if I had a giant stove , I'd cook for all of you
all of you , yes each and everyone.
But since this seems impossible
I guess all that I can say is.
Thank you very very very much.

Dashwood said...

Soufflé of the Night

(From The Fat One Of The Opera)

Cheddar’s sharper, heightens each sensation
Gruyere is there and wakes imagination
Eggs and cream and butter
Make my stomach mutter
And wish I had a nice soufflé tonight

Joseph Crisalli said...

Yay for my mama!