Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Home Beautiful: The Nymphenburg Tray, 1797

Tray of porcelain and enamel from Nymphenburg, Germany, 1797
The Victoria & Albert Museum

A lozenge-shaped tray of hard-paste porcelain, this beauty is painted in enamel colors and gilded with eight small shell-shaped feet with a wavy rim of pierced lattice-work, interrupted alternately with a scallop-shell in relief and an oval opening outlined in gold.

The center of the tray features a circular medallion of two gilt silhouette busts of a lady and man facing one another. The medallion is beneath a festoon of green laurel leaves which are tied with crimson ribbons with sprays of gilt foliage,

Made in Nymphenburg, Germany in 1797, this is the work of the Nymphenburg porcelain factory.

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