Sunday, February 2, 2014

Print of the Day: The Three Graces; or the three Bums !!of the O!P!ra, 1810

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"Three Graces; or the Three Bums !!of the O!P!ra."
Unknown, 1810
The Beard Collection at
The Victoria & Albert Museum

To be honest, I’ve looked and looked, and can find little explanation as to the meaning of this print. Obviously, it’s a political or social commentary. It’s long associated with similar works by Isaac Cruikshank (ancestor of George) and is often included in published groupings with other satirical drawings of 1790-1810, most of them addressing spies and the foibles of the upper class and those termed macaroni.

Entitled “Three Graces; or the three Bums !!of the O!P!ra,” the etching is hand colored with watercolor and dates 15th February 1810. The publisher is listed as D.C.M. (1700-1900).

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