Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sculpture of the Day: A Parian Bust of Llewellynn Jewitt, 1879

Bust of Llewellynn Jewitt
W.H. Goss
Circa 1879
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Llewellynn Jewitt was a celebrated Nineteenth Century pioneer of ceramic history. So, fittingly, this portrait bust of Jewitt is crafted of parian. The bust rests on a turned pedestal and depicts Jewitt at the end of his life, in 1879, with his trademark long, forked beard.

Designs for the bust date to 1878. It was made by W.H. Goss in Stoke-on-Trent, England, known for its parian ware. The base is inscribed:

This bust of Llewellynn Jewitt F.S.A. etc. etc. was made expressly for presentation to his son, - Mr Edwin Augustus George Jewitt - on the occasion of his 21st birthday, the 13th October 1879, as a mark of the highest esteem for both, by their devoted friend 
--William Henry Goss

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