Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Masterpiece of the Week: July; Vincennes; The Months; The Royal Residences, 1670-1700

Les Maisons Royales:  Vincennes
Tapestry, 1670-1700
This and all related images from:
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Made between 1670 and 1700, this tapestry is one of a series which represented twelve of the royal residences of France’s Louis XIV—each depicted during a different month of the year. While the subjects were the palaces themselves, these were set in the backgrounds of the compositions while scenes of the luxury and wealth of Royal life took center stage.

The initial concept for the series of “Les Maisons Royales” was the idea of Le Brun, however, the tapestries were made and designed by a variety of artists in the workshop of Lefebvre and Jans. Seven complete sets were made until 1713.

This one, a tapestry of woven wool and silk, shows a woman surrounded by ripe fruit and two large, blue parrots. Elegant outdoor furnishings, exotic birds, an unidentifiable animal with a snout, and a curious dog complete the scene which is meant to frame a depiction of King Louis XIV and his courtiers hunting at the Château de Vincennes. This work was meant to represent “July.”

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