Monday, February 3, 2014

Precious Time: An English Bracket Clock, 1710

Bracket Clock
Paulet, 1710
The Victoria & Albert Museum
Here’s a nice looking clock. This type of bracket clock (too large for use in a carriage, but too small for a reception room) would have been used when travelling. They were designed to be carried from place to place and worked nicely on board a ship where they were fitted into a case fixed to the wall of a cabin.

This clock is signed by the maker—known only as “Paulet.” Little is known about Paulet except that his signature appears on several clocks found in wealthy English estates. Despite his French-appearing name, he is believed to have worked in London. One example of his work resides in the Metropolitan Museum, New York. This clock retains its original key which bears the royal monogram of Queen Anne (ruled 1702-1714).

A masterpiece of chased, gilt brass and silver, the clock strikes hours and repeats the hours and quarters. The alarm is set by means of the central dial and the indicator on the top dial is for the calendar.

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