Friday, July 23, 2010

A Common Misconception: Marble Clocks

A large slate clock in my dining room.
Many stone clocks—especially those made in France during the mid-to-late Nineteenth-Century—are commonly called, “Marble Clocks.” Usually black, white or gray, but also in a variety of other colors, these clock cases are not made of marble, but rather are made of slate. With an attractive shine, slate offers a weight to these clocks which makes them the ideal base for a pendulum clock. Slate also makes a perfect background for gilt and ormolu ornamentation. Remember, if you own a slate clock; always make sure to lift it by the base. Due to its weight, slate is prone to chipping and cracking. Lifting by anything other than the base can cause damage to the clock’s case.

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Anonymous said...

We also have the same clock in our family.
Can you please tell me more about the clock in the foto. What do you call the "things that sand next to the clock". We dont have it. What might be the value of the clock?
Gerhard Brits