Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unusual Artifacts: A Silver Inkwell and Taper Holder in the Shape of a Foot

Inkwell and Taper Stick
Silver, partially gilt with glass liner
Elkington & Co., 1846
The Royal Collection
For collectors of antiques, objects from the time of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are highly regarded pieces. The Queen and Prince themselves were avid collectors of antiques and had a taste for items made in what they considered an antique style.

This silver inkwell/taper stick appealed to Queen Victoria because of its historical design. Designed by Benjamin Schlick of Elkington & Co., the inkwell is based on sketches Schlick made during a visit to Pompeii wherein he had a chance to study many of the artifacts from the site. The inkwell was delivered to Queen Victoria so that she might present it to Prince Albert as a gift for their wedding anniversary in 1846. They made on addition to the piece. Atop the glass-lined silver well, a lid was added by the Royal jewelers at Garrard & Co. 

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