Sunday, September 15, 2013

History's Runway: Dior-Vivier Evening Slippers, 1952-4

Evening Shoes
Designed for Dior by Roger Vivier
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Christian Dior often commissioned the famed Roger Vivier to design shoes to go with his fantastic romantic evening gowns. These slingback, low-heeled evening shoes of hot pink satin are adorned with gold braid, and encrusted with paste stones, and sequins. They surely are the epitome of luxury footwear as well as a perfect example of the brilliant union of two genius designers.

These shoes, like Dior’s gowns, could have only been afforded by the most wealthy ladies. These shoes once belonged to Mrs. Loel Guinness. Mrs. Guinness married into one of Europe's richest families and was a constant patron of designers such as Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy. Mrs. Guinness was voted “Best Dressed Woman” in the world by Time magazine in 1962 behind Jackie Kennedy in first place. This charming socialite owned seven homes and kept a full wardrobe in each so that she would never have to pack for a trip. 

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