Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 383

Chapter 383

"Gamilla,"  Ethel whispered, "I think I'd best be takin' Master Colin upstairs now."

"Oh, it is late, isn't it?"  Gamilla nodded.  She stroked the baby's forehead.  "Poor darlin' is already asleep."

"He enjoyed the weddin' and the party and all.  Stayed awake through most of it."  Ethel smiled.

"He's a good baby."  Gamilla nodded.  "And, I'm awful glad he'll be in your hands while Gerry and me are away."

"Never did like Ruthy."  Ethel frowned.  "Good riddance."  She paused.  "Though, I don't like what it took to get rid of her."

"Never you mind, honey."  Gamilla smiled.  "Ain't nothin' gonna bother us now.  And, you're in the right place, up in the nursery where ya belong.  When I get back, you and me and Master Colin are gonna have many fine years together."

Ethel smiled proudly.  "I know we will."  She looked into Gamilla's eyes.  "I'm gonna miss ya while you're gone."

"Won't be long.  Gerry and me will be back before you know it."

"I hope you have a good time, and I hope it seems like a happy eternity.  Imagine, goin' to all them fine places like Paris and Rome and such."  Ethel sighed happily.

"You know I'll be bringin' ya back little things from each place."

"It'll almost like bein' there with ya."  Ethel said.  "Gamilla..."

"What is it, honey?"

"I'm very proud of ya.  I don't know 'xactly what that means, but...but, I am.  I'm happy for you and Gerry and I'm proud you survived all ya done to get here to this day."

"You're a sweet girl, Ethel."  Gamilla smiled.  "I'm proud of you, too.  Ya know, you're a very strong person.  You had as much horror as I done.  And, you know who else is proud of ya?"

"The Duke?"  Ethel asked hopefully.

"Oh, sure, he is.  You know he and Lord Colinshire think much of ya or they'd not have promoted ya.  But, I was thinkin' of Jenny."

Ethel looked down at the baby.  "All day, I wished she'd 'ave been 'ere."

"She was, honey.  I felt her with us, and she's happy."

Ethel looked up again.  "I believe that."  She inhaled.  "I'd best get the little master upstairs.  I won't be here when ya leave so I'll wish ya a good trip now."

"Thank you."

"Tell Gerard that I wish him a good trip, too."

"I will."

"I don't wanna say goodbye."  Ethel shook her head.

"No need to, honey.  We'll just say the truth.  I'll see you soon."

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