Friday, September 21, 2012

Mastery of Design: The Geneva Snuffbox, 1810

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One of a Pair
Sene and Detalla of Geneva
The Victoria & Albert Museum

This is one of two very similar lavish enamel and diamond snuffboxes made in Geneva (by the firm of Sene and Detalla) which are found in the V&A’s Gilbert collection. Like its mate, this one was likely made for export from Switzerland to the Ottoman market in 1810.

The oval box features a cover enameled in translucent red. The cover boasts a double diamond border and the topmost panel is applied with a diamond spray. The sides of the box’s base are enameled with a blue trellis pattern which is mounted with enameled “pearls.” The inside of the lid has been set with an enameled plaque which depicts doves and a basket.


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