Friday, September 21, 2012

Drawing of the Day: A Tiepolo Punchinello, c. 1750

Click the image to look up his Punchy nose.
View of a Punchinello
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
c. 1750
The Victoria & Albert Museum

I much enjoy the work of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo who frequently depicted Punchinelli engaged in various activities. In fact, we’ve looked at several examples of his work and seen many a Pulcinella involved in his daily routine.

This sketch has been attributed to Tiepolo and dates to about 1750. The recto of the page depicts a bearded old man while this, the verso, shows this Puchinello who is clearly struggling to lift a wine skin. Faint traces of another sketch can be seen on the right of the page. You can make out the hat nose and ear of another Punchinello which has been lightly drawn beneath.

If this was a study for a painting, I’m not sure. However, on its own it’s a clever work and gives us a look at a Punchinello at an angle few get to see.

I’m quite fortunate. Seated next to me for most of the day is a very large Punchinello and I get to look up his nose all day, every day, but, for most of you, it’s a rare treat indeed. 

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