Friday, February 17, 2012

Punch’s Cousin, Chapter 465

Mr. Punch narrowed his eyes.  “Who is Ollie?”

“He’s called ‘Big Ollie.’”  Barbara responded.

“That don’t help me.”  Punch sighed.  He turned in the direction from which the odor of sweat and filth was coming and gasped when he saw Ollie come lumbering toward them.

“Coo!”  Punch shuddered.  “Poor soul.”

“I don’t need your pity, Duke.”  Ollie growled.  “You are the Duke, yes?”

“Yes.”  Punch nodded.  “Occasionally.”

“English humor, eh?”  Ollie frowned.  “So, you’re this one’s brother?”

“Sadly.”  Punch nodded.

“Don’t look like you’re siblings.”

“I take more after our father’s side.”

“Ginger lunatics.”  Barbara nodded.

“While me sister takes more after our mum—jet-haired bitches.”  Punch spat.

“Ain’t nothin’ like family love, is there?”  Ollie said dryly.

“New Orleans humor?”  Punch asked.  “How do you know Miss Allen?”

“Shall I tell him?”  Ollie laughed.

“Oh, bother.”  Barbara sighed.  “I gave him the Fallbridge Blue.”

“It were the ‘Molliner Blue,’”  Punch corrected her.  “And, it weren’t yours to give.”  He looked at Big Ollie and tried not to shudder again.  “Not that I much care at this point, but what did you do with me pa’s diamond?”

“Nothin’ yet.”  Ollie shrugged  “Jus’ tryin’ to sell it.”

“That why you’re on this ship?”  Punch asked.  “Wastin’ me time?  Are you here to try to get somethin’ from one of these wealthy folk?  Here, if you got it with ya, I’ll buy it right now.  You can split your profit with me sister in whatever way you planned.  Then, I can be rid of both of you.”

“I don’t got it on me, Sir.”  Ollie smiled.  “But, I do find your offer appealing.”

“What’s that I smell?”  Barbara asked.

“Here,”  Punch hissed softly.  “It’s this giant bloke only don’t make him feel bad ‘bout it.  He can’t help it if he stinks.”

“No—“  Barbara snapped.  “Not him!  I smell smoke.”

Punch squinted.  “Wait!  There’s folks screamin’ below!”

“I set fire to the ship.”  Ollie answered plainly.  “In many different areas.  There’s no way they’ll extinguish all of them.”

“Why’d you want to go and do that?”  Punch hollered in panic.

“Made a deal with a lady.”  Ollie grinned.

“With a devil, more like.”  Punch said, pushing passed Ollie.

“Julian!”  Barbara screamed.  “Wait!”

“Sure,”  Ollie added.  “I’ll take you up on your offer.  Iolanthe can fend for herself.”

“Ain’t no offer no more!”  Punch shouted over his shoulder.  “And, you Barbara!  I don’t care if you roast!  My only concern is me family, it is!  Colin and Robert and our chums!”

With that, he rushed toward the deck.

“So, Barbara.”  Ollie winked.  “Here we are again.”

“You did this for Iolanthe?”  Barbara asked.

“Yep.”  Ollie nodded.  “You’ll still get your cut.”

“There’s nothing you can give me that will make up for what you’ve just done.”

“What?  What’s it to  you if your brother burns up?”

“Nothing!”  Barbara screamed.  “It’s the others I care about.”

“What others?”

“Those I brought on the ship.”  Barbara spat.

“You don’t want ‘em to die?”

“No!”  Barbara howled.  “I want them to suffer first!”

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Darcy said...

You write such great dialogue! I can just picture this scene being acted out in a movie or on tv.

Joseph Crisalli said...

Thank you, Darcy. That's the goal with this. Of course that would require the interest of a network or studio. : )