Friday, February 17, 2012

Unusual Artifacts: Punch and the Beadle

Punch and the Beadle
Magic Lantern Slide, 19th C.
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Number ten of the set of twelve glass, Punch and Judy-themed magic lantern slides by Theobald & Co. in the V&A’s George Speaight Archive, this hand-colored slide depicts Mr. Punch and the Beadle (the policeman).   

The following text accompanies the slide during a magic lantern show:
Beadle: Now, Mr. Punch, you just come along of me. I’m going to lock you up for throwing your baby out of window.

Punch: Lock me up? No you wont! I wont be locked up! Here take this tuppence and be off.

Beadle: Now look here Mr. Punch, none of that. You just come along with me quietly, or I shall make you feel my staff. If you don’t come without trouble I shall strike you.

Punch: And you just see my stick. If you don’t go I shall strike you. Take that, and that.

Beadle: Help, help, he’s striking me. Come on you ruffian, you bad wicked old man, off you come to prison.

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