Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine of the Day: Forget Me Not


Though many a joy around thee smile,
And many a faithful heart you meet,
Where love may cheer life's dreary way
And turn the bitter to a sweet -

Let memory sometimes lead thee back
To other days almost forgot;
And when you think of other friends,
Who love thee well, "Forget me not."

This beautiful greeting was made c.1870 by an unknown artist and publisher as a Valentine card.  Printed on silk and adorned with paper-lace and fabric appliqué, the lithograph features only the verse instead of any imagery.  With these sentimental words as the centerpiece, framed by this intricate hand-cut lace, the effect is one of pure romance.  

A note to my friends at the V&A--for all of the perfection that the museum exhibits in every conceivable way, there's one thing that could improve.  Stop writing on the art!!!

Valentine Card, 1870
The Victoria & Albert Museum

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