Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Antique Image of The Day: The J. Mariette Teapot Designs Print, 1700

The Victoria & Albert Museum

I rather like this print which was published by Jean Mariette in Paris which was designed to show the range of decoration available for china patterns. The items in question here are different teapot designs. The two teapots are adorned in motifs ranging from acanthus leaves and rosettes to animal designs.

The band of decoration in the center of the print demonstrates available patterns for floor mosaics which could be installed to match the ornamental motifs and repeats available in Mariette's available collections of china, planters and other ceramics.

Ornament prints such as this were used by firms to demonstrate their wares, but also, indirectly led to the longterm establishment of certain fashions in the decorative arts.

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