Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gifts of Grandeur: The Rose Glynn Bracelet, 1876

Bracelet, 1876
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Here, we see a half-hoop bangle set with a rectangle of cabochon turquoises and a line of half-pearls. A glazed compartment on the inside of the hoop contains the remnants of a brown textile--obviously a souvenir of some significance which has been lost over time. 

This bangle was given by Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) to Rose Riversdale Glyn on board HMS Serapis while on a royal tour of India. Edward had a taste for ladies and was known to offer extravagant gifts to win their (sometimes temporary) favor.

Besides, Miss Glynn was fortunate to receive this bracelet. Bracelets were the height of fashion starting in 1850 and bangles such as this were worn in stacks on both arms. A bangle of this nature was the perfect accessory for daytime wear.

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