Monday, January 17, 2011

Person of the Week: Debbi Morgan

Since the start of her film career in 1975, Debbi Morgan has been enchanting audiences for over thirty-five years. Her realistic portrayals make her characters likable and relatable, even in the strangest of circumstances.

Despite her long list of credits and many award-winning performances, Debbi Morgan is best known for playing Dr. Angela Hubbard—a character she created on All My Children in 1982. Her first run as Dr. Hubbard lasted until 1990. She later would reprise the role on another ABC show, Loving. Loving was later revamped into The City. This makes Miss Morgan the first actress to play the same character of three separate daytime shows. In 2008, Debbi Morgan returned to All My Children.

Miss Morgan brought more than exceptional acting to ABC in 1982. She brought an endearing quality which quickly made the show’s fans embrace her. Her character is a role model, showing African American women that they can achieve their dreams. Along with Darnell Williams as Jesse Hubbard, Debbi Morgan gave us one of the first portrayals of an African American “super couple” with a bond strong enough to triumph over anything, even death.

We should celebrate Debbi Morgan’s beauty and talent, yes. But, more so, we should applaud her for offering much-needed inspiration and friendly guidance to people from many different circumstances.

In 2011, Miss Morgan revealed that she was taking a brief leave of absence from All My Children to recover from a recurrence of Lyme Disease. She’s expected to return in February. We wish her a speedy recovery.

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