Friday, September 27, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 390

Chapter 390

"I've an idea as well."  Robert muttered.  He looked up at Mr. Punch affectionately.  "Still, I suspect yours is more generous than mine, dear Punch."

"I think so."  Punch smiled.  "Now, Fern doesn't wanna go off and leave her dolly behind...  Correct?"

"Yes, Uncle Punch."  Fern nodded.

"I don't see any reason why she should."  Punch continued.

Robert raised his eyebrows.  "I can see one 'extra' reason."

Matthew chuckled.

"Go on, brother dear."  Lennie encouraged Punch.

"Fern,"  Punch began.  "What if we were see to it that your 'Myra' was with you, but couldn't be seen by others who might feel that a doll with two heads was...not usual?"

"I don't see how that could be possible."  Fern answered plainly.

"Well, if Myra was concealed inside another doll..."

"Oh!" Lennie exclaimed.  "What a fine idea.  Myra could be sewn inside another, larger doll.  That way, Fern, you'd always have her with you."

"What do you think, Fern?"  Punch asked.

Fern raised an eyebrow and considered the notion.  "It almost seems like trickery somehow, but I can't decide how."  She tilted her head to one side.  "But, if it keeps Myra with me, I can't see how it would be harmful."

"Well, that's settled."  Robert sighed with relief.

"Is it?"  Fern shook her head.  "If I'm to leave for school tomorrow, that doesn't leave much time to make another doll."

"Oh, don't you worry."  Mr. Punch grinned.  "I know just the person to help us."

"Who?"  Fern asked.

"Your friend Dolly."

"I say, what a bit of coincidence.  The maid named Dolly is to help make a dolly."  Matthew chortled.

"Mmmmm."  Punch replied politely.  

"We'll speak with her after dinner."  Robert said.

"Perhaps we should bring up the subject sooner."  Fern said nervously.

"If you like,"  Punch smiled, walking over the fireplace to engage the bell-push.

"Anything that gets her to school..."  Robert whispered as Punch passed him.

"Patience, Chum."  Punch giggled.

"Isn't it interesting."  Fern mumbled.

"What's that, dear?"  Lennie asked.

"Uncle Punch is clever."

"He certainly is."  Robert smiled.

"Yet, he's not wicked.  It seems one can be clever without being wicked.  I never knew that." Fern nodded casually.

"There's much you can learn from your Uncle Punch."  Lennie replied.

"All of us can."  Robert smiled.

"If only my mother could have known that..."  Fern sighed.  "Ah, well.  One can't have everything."

Did you miss Chapters 1-389 of Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square?  If so, you can read them here.  Come back on Monday for Chapter 391.

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