Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Drawing of the Day: Comelli's 'Blacksmith, Grocer, Boatman and Yokel,' 1907

Blacksmith, Grover, Boatman and Yokel
from "Babes in the Wood."
Attilio Comelli, 1907
The Victoria & Albert Museum

The famed costume designer Attilio Comelli, (1858 -1925) was the designer in residence at the Royal Opera House in London from the 1880s until his death. He was also called upon to create costumes for the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, from time to time during this period. This original drawing by Comelli dates to 1907 and was created during one of his visits to the Theatre Royal.

The design, titled “Blacksmith, Grocer, Boatman and Yokel,” was created for the 1907 production of “Babes in the Wood.” Four watercolor sketches show designs for costumes for different characters. Comelli’s attention to detail is apparent as he indicates not only the details of each costume but also the footwear and accessories for each. He even makes suggestions for the wigs and makeup.

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