Friday, May 3, 2013

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: Monsieur Mazurier as Punchinello, 19th C.

Monsieur Mazurier in the Character of Punchinello
Nineteenth Century
W. Day & Co.
Harry Beard Collection
The Victoria & Albert Museum

Let’s begin this sniffly-snuffly, pollen-filled day with another print from the V&A. This one, is not from the George Speaight Punch and Judy Archive, however. It is part of the Harry Beard Collection. My springtime allergies are so extreme today, my eyes are crossed and burning, so, let’s see if I can actually make out the image at all. Yes. I’m ready.

This Nineteenth Century print depicts the celebrated (at the time) actor Monsieur Mazurier dressed as Mr. Punch.

Admittedly, the image is a little odd. The original artist is unknown. However, the lithograph was created by the W. Day and Co. where it was hand-tinted with watercolors.

I like it quite a lot. Monsieur Mazurier is shows in two poses. The pose in the back is shown in lighter, fuzzier colors to give the impression of motion and shows Mr. Punch perfoming a feat of acrobatics with a tree limb.

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