Monday, April 29, 2013

Mastery of Design: Keep it in the Family, A Royal Wedding Tiara

The Girls of Great Britain Tiara
Silver, Diamonds, 1893
The Royal Collection
We all have wonderful valuable items in our families which may have more sentimental value than monetary value. Regardless of the financial importance of these pieces, they should be kept within families for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Of course, the British Royal Family has more nifty stuff than most of us. Their collection of art and jewels is unrivaled.

Take for instance, this beautiful tiara which was given to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck (later Queen Mary) upon her marriage to the future King George V. This tiara of diamonds and silver was presented to Mary in 1893. Known as The “Girls of Great Britain” Tiara, it was a gift from the “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland,” and bought with money raised by a committee chaired by Lady Eve Greville. Mary wasn’t thrilled with the original pearl finials on the tiara and had them replaced with the large diamonds we see today.

Queen Mary gave this stunning piece of jewelry to Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) on the day of her wedding in 1947. This tiara can also be inverted and worn as a necklace.

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