Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square will Continue on Monday

With Fern now at Hamish House, one problem has been lifted from Punch's shoulders.  Or has it?  Fern just witnessed some pretty gruesome things and she's not taking them very well.  She's also been taken under the stumpy wing of her Auntie Orpha who has decided that it's her duty to "toughen" up the girl in preparation for Fern's future marriage to Marduk, her two-headed cousin/brother.  One might suspect that Fern would realize she was better off at No. 65.  Will she try to get back there or will Orpha's tutelage prove effective?

Meanwhile, Punch has written to the Queen for help with their problems.  How will Her Majesty respond to the weirdness that has befallen Molliner House?  Will Punch's sense of loyalty cause him to fight for Fern or will he take Robert's advice and let the girl stay where she is?

Last week, Gerard presented Gamilla with the diamond ring which he'd gotten from the Duke.  Their wedding is nigh, and they're both very excited.  Let's hope that it goes off without a hitch.  Furthermore, Charles and Violet seem to be getting closer, as are Maudie and Georgie.  Ethel may have a thing or two to say about the latter.

There's much in store for you this coming week.  You won't want to miss a chapter, but, if you do, you can catch up in the Chapter Archive.

Thanks for reading!

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