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Mr. Punch of Belgrave Square, Chapter 320

Chapter 320 

Oh, it’s quiet.” Maude sighed as she walked into the servants’ hall.

“Enjoy it,” Georgie smiled.

“That’s right.” Ethel said following Maude. “Before you know it, Mrs. P’s gonna want you back in there helpin’ with the tea.”

“Right.” Maude nodded. “It’s to be ever so special today since Miss Lennie’s gentleman suitor is comin’.”

“Fancy Miss Lennie havin’ a suitor.” Georgie grinned.

“Why shouldn’t she?” Ethel frowned.

“No reason.” George shook his head nervously.

“She’s a handsome woman, Miss Lennie is. And, there ain’t a lady what’s got a bigger heart than she.” Ethel said firmly.

“I know.” George replied.

“Then, why’d you say that?” Ethel asked.

“It’s just that…dunno…I think that it’s nice, is all.”

“Well, be careful what you say ‘bout Miss Lennie.” Ethel answered.

“Cor! The two of you. You fight like old marrieds.” Maudie laughed.

“No, we don’t.” George squinted.

“Fancy me marryin’ the likes o’ you.” Ethel muttered.

Maudie sighed.

“What’s so wrong with me?” Georgie scowled.

“No, nothin’.” Ethel shrugged. “If ya like your sort.”

“What sort is that?”

“Oh, ya know.”

“No, I don’t.” George replied.

“So…” Maude interrupted. “The masters are out? I guess that means His Grace is feeling better.”

“He is.” George said. “They’ve gone to the palace to see Their Majesties. Took Miss Lennie with ‘em and all.”

“Well, ain’t you just full o’ information?” Ethel smiled.

“I’m a footman in trainin’.” George answered. “I listen when Charles and Gerard tell me somethin’. It’s a footman’s job to know where the master is, and to know when he’ll be back so he don’t want for nothin’.”

“That’s real clever, Georgie.” Maudie smiled. “What’s the masters doin’ with the Queen?”

“They’re friends.” Ethel answered. “She’s been here to this ‘ouse and all.”

“Cor!” Maude exclaimed.

“Jenny and me, we got paper what the Queen had a present for His Grace wrapped in.” Ethel said proudly, but, soon, her smile faded.

“I’ll bet that was right nice.” Maude said gently, knowing Ethel was thinking of Jenny.

“It was.” Ethel nodded. She cleared her throat.

“Imagine bein’ at the palace.” Maude sighed. “Wonder what it’s like.”

“Prob’ly a lot like them rooms upstairs.” George smiled. “Only bigger.”

“What must it be like to be so rich?” Maudie tilted her head to one side.

“Ain’t no use in dreamin’ o’ it because it ain’t gonna happen.” Ethel chuckled.

“It might.” Maude replied.

“Sure, because Prince Albert Edward is gonna come knockin’ on the area door and say, ‘Pardon me, but I’ve come for Maudie as I wish to make her my bride so that she will be the Princess of Wales.” George teased.

“Well, maybe not the Prince of Wales.” Maude pouted, “but look at Miss Lennie…she didn’t always live in a place like this? Least that’s what Vi told me.”

“No, but she found out she had a brother what’s a Duke.” Georgie laughed. “You have any brothers what you don’t know ‘bout?”

“No.” Maudie shook her head. “But, if I don’t know ‘bout ‘em, how could I know? Maybe I do. Maybe I do at that. Could be ma was the love of a great foreign prince and she gave him a son.”

“Ya think?”

“Have you seen my ma?” Maude smiled.

“No.” Georgie shook his head.

“The only prince who’d ever love her would have to be a blind one.” Maudie giggled.

Suddenly, the area door rattled with the sound of frenzied pounding.

“There’s the Prince of Wales come for you now, Maude.” Georgie stood up.

“You gonna get it?” Ethel asked. “Shouldn’t ya oughta wait for Charles or Gerry or Mr. Speaight?”

“They’re all tendin’ to the upstairs.” George said.

“But, Mr. Speaight said ‘til things calm down, we oughtn’t answer the doors downstairs lest one o’ the senior staff is here.” Ethel said.

“It’s the middle of a bright day. Ain’t no trouble gonna come now.” George shook his head and went to the area door. He opened it cautiously and was nearly knocked over as Fern ran into the servants’ hall.

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