Saturday, April 7, 2012

Object of the Day: An Antique Easter Card Featuring Mr. Punch

Embossed creamy yellow-lilies and an ornate cross-like pattern form the background of this Edwardian Easter card.  Made in the early Twentieth Century, the card is stamped 1912.  Three embossed Easter eggs adorn the phrase “Easter Greetings.”  As beautiful as these elements are, they are not what I like best about this wonderful card.  Obviously, I’m drawn to the little framed scene in the upper center.

Depicted are a group of children against a springtime backdrop.  They are engaged by a Punch & Judy show being performed in a blue and red striped fit-up.  But, it’s not Judy who joins our Mr. Punch.  It’s an enormous rabbit holding an Easter egg!  Actually, a giant rabbit does sometimes make an appearance in the Punch and Judy tradition—usually as a novelty or trick puppet.  But, here, he serves as the Easter Bunny. 

Mr. Punch, very correctly, has made a point to not hold his slapstick aloft.  In a show of politeness for the Easter Bunny, he cradles his stick in his arms, making sure the gargantuan rabbit doesn’t feel threatened.

The reverse of the card says simply, “Post Card” with no other information.

The card has been used and mailed.  Let me see if I can make out what has been written on it.

To:  Mrs. Mary Miller
R.R. #326, Ohio

Hello all, this is…

…errrr…Okay.  Sorry.  I can’t do it.  I can’t make it out.  Sorry.  In short, the writer wants someone named Norma to come visit.

Regardless of the indecipherable writing, the card is absolutely adorable.  

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