Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reminder: Punch’s Cousin will Return on Monday

As Punch’s Cousin reached three hundred chapters last week, the story continued with some exciting twists. Just as Mr. Punch and Robert decided to involve the New Orleans police in their efforts to retrieve the baby, Colin, they were interrupted by the arrival of Gerard and Arthur. This alone would have been enough of a problem, but Arthur was ailing. It wasn’t just a common cold that had overtaken Arthur, he had contracted the Yellow Fever. Despite their hatred for the man, Marjani, Punch and Robert took Arthur in so that they might help him die with some dignity.

While they watched Arthur suffer, Gerard began to realize that he wanted more out of life than the existence of crime he shared with Arthur. Punch encouraged Gerry to improve himself and offered his help. Meanwhile, Arthur seemed eager to make a deathbed confession, but as the man rattled off a tale of being controlled by the Duchess of Fallbridge, Mr. Punch doubted his veracity.

Little did Punch and Robert know, but the child they sought was actually at Marie Laveau’s house along with Iolanthe, Ulrika and Barbara Allen. As Charles tried to free Barbara from Marie’s clutches, a fire broke out. Barbara took the child and ran. Charles tried to convince Barbara to return her son to Mr. Punch and Robert, but Barbara would not be deterred. After Ulrika carried Charles’ wounded brother, Giovanni, to safety and Iolanthe gave up on the whole mess and left, Marie managed to extinguish the fire, sending Louis to search for Barbara. Marie was correctly convinced that Barbara had fled to the St. Louis Cathedral. What will Barbara do as Louis closes in on them? We’ll find out this week.

Furthermore, how will Marie deal with the unexpected death of Nellie who had been found deceased after the fire? Nellie’s death will cause a host of unexpected complications for New Orleans’ Voodoo Queen. And, Punch and Robert have their hands full as Arthur continued to expire in addition to some further complication as they search for Colin.

All this, plus, Adrienne and Robert have a terrible scare that will prove to have far-reaching consequences and Ulrika and Giovanni form an unholy alliance.

Thanks to all of you have been reading Punch’s Cousin since it started over three hundred chapters ago. The upcoming chapters will continue to excite and enthrall you.

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