Thursday, July 28, 2011

Object of the Day, Museum Edition: A Silver Jubilee Jig-Saw Puzzle, 1935

Jig-Saw Puzzle
Wood, Card, Paper
Tuck and Sons, Ltd., England
The Victoria & Albert Museum
As my collection of Royal memorabilia has grown, my fondness for Queen Mary and King George V has naturally led me to acquire a good many objects made for their 1935 Silver Jubilee. I don’t, however, have this one. And, frankly, I’d very much like to. From the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, we see a jig-saw puzzle commemorating the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary.

This is, essentially, a chromolithograph of the King and Queen in their State robes, mounted on wood and cut into interlocking pieces. It is housed in a card box covered with silver paper and the key picture. Made by Raphael Tuck and Sons, Ltd., this puzzle features eighty pieces. In this example, one piece is missing.

Made in England between 1935 and 1936 for the Silver Jubilee, the puzzle was advertises by Tucks as by produced by the “Art Publishers to George V and Queen Mary and HRH the Prince of Wales.” (later Edward VIII) and states, “No. of Players: any.” On the box, under “Equipment required:” it simply shows a picture of King George V and Queen Mary.

God knows where the eightieth piece has gone, but even incomplete, it’s a beautiful little item and a clever take on the traditional souvenir item.

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