Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Humanitarian of the Week: Walt Willey

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Fans of the long-running and, now, ill-fated, daytime drama, All My Children, are quite familiar with Walt Willey who has played Jackson Montgomery, the frequent fiancé and sometimes husband of Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane, since 1987.

In addition to his daytime job, Willey also enjoys a host of other vocations ranging from managing the Crystal Mesa Farm Guest Ranch in New Mexico with his wife, Marie, to performing his popular stand-up act on comedy club stages across the country. An actor, a comedian, an entrepreneur, a husband and a father, Willey still makes time for the causes that he most cherishes. In fact, he’s selflessly set up WilleyWorld Endowment Fund, dedicated to the notion that, “together we can make a difference.” Through The Endowment Fund, Willey gifts organizations dedicated to helping children by donating the proceeds from the sales of merchandise sold at his comedy performances. Since its inception, The Endowment Fund has raised over $40,000.

For his many years of wonderful performances and his tireless efforts to help children in need, Walt Willey is our “Humanitarian of the Week.” Now that the cancellation of All My Children has gone from frequently denied rumor to sad reality, we wish Mr. Willey and his equally socially-conscious cast-mates all the best in the future endeavors. One thing is for certain, wherever Mr. Willey goes, he’ll leave a trail of good behind him.

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