Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Belle Époque Today: The Art of Christopher J. Miller

Christopher J. Miller, 2009
As consumers, we view the end result of the creative process—judging it with a critical eye, placing a value on it and trading it like currency. However, for those who fall into the rather vague and wonderful category of “artist,” very often, the finished product isn’t as remarkable as the process of achieving it.

Painter Christopher J. Miller emphasizes the importance of embracing the artistic process with his latest series of paintings, “Silence between the Sounds.” Urging everyone to look upon the act of creating something remarkable with as much reverence as we consume the finished product, Miller presents works which represent those sacred moments wherein the artist is consumed by his work.

Miller offers a masterful handling of color and a delicacy of hand which reminds one of the works of Paul Klee and Matisse. It’s easy to get lost in the forms and shapes of Mr. Miller’s paintings, and the process by which they were created becomes immediately evident. Here we see the measure of art’s effectiveness as a means of communication, showing that even the most abstract of compositions can have a very clear message.

To learn more about C.J. Miller and his art, visit his Web site.

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