Saturday, December 18, 2010

Object of the Day: An Antique Pressed Glass Bowl

Antique pressed glass objects display much of the same shimmer and refractive qualities of costlier cut glass and crystal items. One of the advantages of pressed glass is that, while still fragile, it’s a little sturdier than its crystal counterparts.

I actually use my pressed glass pieces such as this bowl for their original purposes, however, they’re also decorative items which can be employed in your décor as accent pieces. This time of year, a bowl full of colored glass ornaments is a smart way to dress up a table or sideboard. Similarly, an arrangement of flowers and seasonal greenery would look smashing in a bowl such as this. These antiques have survived a long time and deserve to find good homes. If you happen upon an attractive pressed glass piece at a local antique store, you might consider purchasing it. You’ll find that not only are they attractive, they have many beautiful uses.


SherR said...

I bought my Mum an (at least vintage) glass bowl a few years ago. I assumed the glass was 'cut' but possibly it was pressed. Another thrift shop find. She loves to use it on birthdays and other special occasions; it is surprisingly strong.

Joseph said...

They are quite durable. It would appear you're quite a good shopper, SherR. You're also quite an historian. Thank you for your many interesting comments!