Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goal for the Day: Take Control of the Dark

Darkness has a peculiar habit of creeping up on us when we least expect it. Both literally and figuratively, the dark has a way of obscuring our lives. So, today, take control of the dark. Try to rid yourself of any dark thoughts you might have. They’re not going to do you any good. Face the day with a brightness of heart and a positive outlook.

More literally, take this opportunity to shed some light into the dark corners of your home. Here, I’ve always had a dimly lit corner (not surprising in a Victorian house) which has seemed a bit gloomy. A large, maple book case was built in one corner of the living room in the 1930’s. While it’s an attractive book case and part of the history of the house, I’ve always looked at this massive structure as a lighting problem. I solved the issue by installing an antique wall sconce on the case itself. This has served to not only showcase a nice-looking antique, but also add a touch of sparkle and light into a dark area.

Whether you’re lighting a room, or lighting your mind, make today a bright day. When you can see clearly, anything is possible.

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