Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to Bertie!

We are told that he was born on June 11, 2000. But, we don’t know that for sure. His first vet visit was June 11, 2002. You see, the vet took one look at him and, knowing that he’s a Westie, decided that he was fully grown—arbitrarily assigning him an age of two years.

Ah, but my Bertie was not fully grown. Sure, maybe on that day in 2002, he appeared to be a full-sized Westie. But, no one accounted for him being a GIANT Westie. He grew—and grew—and grew some more. And, now, he’s the biggest Westie I’ve ever seen. But, that makes him all the better. So, today, he could be twelve. Or a little over ten. Who knows?

Regular readers already know Bertie’s story. Booted out of a chicken coop for chasing chickens as a puppy, found by a rescue organization and adopted by yours truly. Bertie is stubborn and intelligent. He likes to go to parties. He loves to open presents. He enjoys shopping trips. Rides in the car are the best! Bertie is sweet and loving. Some dogs tear apart their toys, Bertie kisses his. Bertie has definite opinions and is not shy about expressing them. He doesn’t like his feet touched, but, if you do, he won’t bite, he’ll lick your hand. That’s my Bertie. I love him.

He's also very loved by the rest of his family which now includes a rather rotund orange lady-cat named Oscar.  Here's further evidence of Bertie's good nature.  How many terriers would adopt a stray cat as their own?

Yesterday marks the assigned anniversary of Bertie's birth.  And, this past weekend, he enjoyed a celebration of our joy to have him in our lives.  You'll be seeing more of that in upcoming posts.
So, happy birthday to my Bertie—however old you are. I’ve enjoyed these past ten years more than you can comprehend. Here’s to ten more… Make sure to keep an eye out for this week’s “Treat of the Week” to see pictures from Bertie’s birthday party.

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Shawn said...

Sweet Bertie-Dog!! The handsome-est GIANT Westie there ever was!! Happy Birthday dear chap!! :)