Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mastery of Design: A Bohemian Garnet Hair Ornament, c. 1830

Garnet Hair Ornament
The British Museum

Imagine an elegant ballroom, flickering in the light of candles held in chandeliers and girandoles dripping in crystals.  A lady nods a greeting to you.  Nestled in the cascades of curls which form her upswept coiffure is this ornament, a fiery shower of crimson sparks from a foliate spray.

This gold hair ornament is set with briolette-cut garnet drops and pearls hung from eight gold volutes set behind a rose gold ribbon which is also mounted with garnets.  It was made in Bohemia (or possibly Austria) circa 1830 and was collected by Professor John and Anne Hull Grundy who donated their important collection of jewels to the British Museum in 1978.

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