Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Father Christmas Through The Ages: A Christmas Card from 1890

The Victoria & Albert Museum
This Christmas card with deckled edges (rough or feathered), features a recessed and partly cut-out front which depicts Father Christmas cycling through the snow with his famous sack of presents on his back. "A MERRY CHRISTMAS" is printed on the front with a doll, ball and two Christmas crackers (The U.K. holiday tradition of paper tubes filled with gifts and a motto. The tubes are sealed with cardboard coated with gunpowder. When pulled from each end to open, they make a popping or cracking sound which Bertie dislikes.) to one side.

The wording inside reads: 

"Here's good old father Christmas 
On his bicycle astride 
May he bring you lots of presents 
And a merry Christmas-tide" 

The artwork was created by Ernest Nister in London and the card was printed in Bavaria. It is signed "To Amy from Sissy"

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