Monday, December 2, 2013

Back on track

Okay...I think I am back on track.  Granted, I am tied to them, and the tracks lead the Canonball Express from Pixley to Hooterville, but still...

So...I think tomorrow, we will do lovely things like revisit Thanks-a-ma-giving,  and rejoin our pals in "A Recipe for Punch."  We will also start doing Christmas-y things, and, likely look at some jewelry or fans or snuff boxes or the kinds of other things I like to trot out.

I have some very lovely old things in the virtual attic for you this week, and, unless Benjamin Franklin reaches out from the grave again to give his kite a big ol' yank, I think we should be all set.

And, mmmmm... food.

Until then...say "hey" to Mama and them...

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